Em Possible is a singer, songwriter and musician who hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and has called Denver her home for the past seven years. The songstress is as dynamic on stage as she is on record, proving the age old adage of perfecting a moment in the studio and translating that magic onto stages. Her latest release “My Living Room,” is the best indication of who Em Possible is as an evolved artist. The tunes are acoustic based only, showcasing Em’s guitar skills paired with her searing falsetto. 

Though she’ll always love the instrumental charisma that comes with a band, “My Living Room," is an EP meant to enhance her persona as as solo artist. The tracks are less bluesy and funky and more intimate and reflective. This juxtaposition comes as a result of making it through 2015, a year filled with growth, loss and hope. 

“This project is like my diary and life story from 2015. I had three very significant relationships that all ended in different ways. I feel like I’ve learned how to move and be peaceful with tragedy, letting these experiences change me and solidify who I am at the same time,” Em Possible says.

Versatility is one of Em Possible’s strongest virtues. She can sing country, reggae, provide standout vocals on EDM production and keep a staccato rhythm with hip-hop lovers alike. Though she’ll always love the instrumental charisma that comes with a live band, this new acoustic style shows off who she is as a songwriter and believer of dreams. 

“My Living Room” shows off her stripped down vocals and storytelling lyrics that wrap audiences and listeners into the world of Em Possible. Her voice is emotional, vulnerable and strong on this project, qualities unsurprising to the character of Em herself. Those newly introduced to her style and grace will be enraptured by the honest, authentic and undeniably brilliant display of artistry.

“My Living Room” is available now. 

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